Personal Injury 
Marketing Content
  • Includes top-quality book, booklets, emails, newsletters, & videos
  • ​Enabled with auto-sending-and-posting software 
  • ​Supported with expert coaching & a personal account manager
  • ​Supplemented with referral-partner matchmaking
1. Includes top-quality book, booklets, 
emails, newsletters, & videos
Our four decades of legal publishing and large stable of experienced practitioner-writers has generated an unsurpassed collection of consumer-friendly educational materials in a variety of formats. Once branded and sent to your prospects and clients, they will demonstrate your expertise and willingness to help.
2. Enabled with auto-sending-&-posting software
Our branded shock-and-awe packages, nurturing series, welcome kit, reassurance series, and monthly newsletters can be sent by (a) entering email addresses or (b) integrating with your practice management system. Our social content is posted 100% automatically.
3. Supported with expert coaching 
a personal account manager
Do you know what is missing from your marketing efforts? At many small law firms, several no-cost and low-cost additions can provide big boosts in results. Our expert conducts monthly small-group sessions to help you fill your marketing gaps.
4. Supplemented with 
referral-partner matchmaking
Aligning with a few of the right professionals can result in a regular flow of the best kind of clients. Pre-qualified and ready to listen and sign, referrals are holy grail leads. We identify professional referral partners, schedule phone calls with them for you, and then send cultivation materials.  
"We had a potential client who almost slipped away. He ignored several of our follow-up calls and emails and I was in the process of closing the case out of our pending client system. As a last thought, I sent him the James booklet about the pitfalls of working your own case and about insurance company tactics. The next day he called our office and signed the retainer."

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